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About us

The SpeedRipper cube was founded after brother and sister team Matt and Merissa Holton from Minneapolis, Minnesota couldn’t find a speed cube in stores that was capable of competing in local tournaments. After many months of struggling, the SpeedRipper was born. Matt and Merissa teamed up with a manufacturer that can produce a cube that was on their level. The SpeedRipper is fast, smooth, competitive and still affordable for all.

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THE NEXT GENERATION SPEED CUBE - Speed-up your solving time without any effort. SpeedRipper Cube has an all new mechanism with faster movement, amazing corner cutting and zero pops. It definitely turns much better than any other speed cubes. One of the best 3x3x3 speed cubes in the world.

PRO COMPETITION CUBE - Excellently engineered 3x3x3 speed cube allows smooth and easy-to-twist play; provides a firm but not too tight grip and each cube comes pre-lubricated and finely adjusted; and arrives ready to play! Perfect for international competitions, too!